The Best Budget Mountain Bike For You Can Purchase

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Mountain biking is a hobby which is able to give us an adrenaline vibe. Not only that, it also gives us a happiness and excitement. When you go mountain biking, you will get a lot of fun. However, it must be annoying if you want to go mountain biking, yet you do not have a bicycle to use. Besides, the price which is offered is pretty expensive as well. Fortunately, to help you know the mountain bike which has a low price, here we are going to share you the best budget mountain bike you can purchase. If you are worried about the quality, you have to forget it because these bicycles have been proven.

Best Budget Mountain Bike No. 1: The Kona Precept 150

Best Budget Mountain Bike

This bike is very suitable for you if you are looking for a mountain bike which has an inexpensive price. Even though this bike does not have a pretty design, the specs which are featured on this bike are pretty great for a mountain bike under $2,200. Here, The Kona Precept 150 uses 27.5 tires from Maxxis High Roller which is supported by 11-speed drivetrain from SRAM NX. Not only that, this mountain bike has an aggressive geometry which has a 460 mm reach, 66.5 head angle, and tight 425 mm chainstay. In addition, you will feel a great bicycling experience if you use this mountain bike.

Best Budget Mountain Bike No. 2: The SE Big Mountain

Best Budget Mountain Bike

This bike has a nice design which brings simplicity and modernity. When we talk about the specs, this SE Big gives is built with qualified spare parts. The double walled rims and a 75 shock breaker which is installed in this mountain bike, can even equal the quality of the Diamondback Overdrive if it is compared with the single track use. Moreover, the weight of this mountain bike will comfort you when you go cycling. In addition, if you are going to purchase this mountain bike, this SE Big has an affordable price.

Best Budget Mountain Bike No. 3: The Specialized Camber 29

Best Budget Mountain Bike

This mountain bike has been improved with a new geometry which includes the shorter seat stays, the lower bottom bracket, and the head angle. Not only that, this Specialized Camber also has a new rear shock which will engage when it hits the sag point at 25 percent of travel. Which means, the new suspension which is installed in this mountain bike, has a capability to give an effect in the epedaling system. In addition, this Best Budget Mountain Bike will give you a confident ride on all kinds of terrain.

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