Mountain Bike Sizing

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After determining the kind and type of bike you want, the next step is to determine the mountain bike sizing. This is important because it determines the comfort in cycling as well as facilitate the handling.
In this measurement variable is height and inseam, the inseam is the distance between the groin with ground.
Measurements can be done with the table below:

Mountain Bike Frame Size Chart

Mountain Bike Frame Size

To get the mountain bike Sizing that are suitable for you, first measure your height and inseam:

height and inseam

After getting the data, then the height and inseam sizes of frames can be obtainedby using the table above.
Height = 160 cm
Inseam = 75 cm

Mountain Bike Frame Size Chart measurement

Then from the table was obtained by a suitable size is 16 inch or “S”.
So the guidelines determine the size of the frame before the frame determine the size of your bicycle for the sake of comfort and safety in cycling.

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