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Hi all, this time we will discuss one by one the mountain bike parts and function respectively, this is important especially for beginners who are new to mountain biking, bicycle part outline in the mountain is divided into several sections, namely: frames, Fork Suspension, Steering &, Brake set, Drivetrain and Wheel set.

Mountain Bike Anatomy

Mountain Bike Parts

Mountain bike parts and functions


Handlebar stem steering function is to direct and deflect the front tire.

The Handlebar on mountain bikes is of two types, namely Flat Handlebar and Handlebar Rise.

Flat Handlebar bikes used for the cross country race to pursue the kind of speed and stability of the bike because of the position of the body tend to bend.

Handlebar Mountain Bike

Rise Handlebars are suitable for all types of the bike trail, mountain or downhill. The position of the body somewhat upright so that it is able to optimize the handling and control on the steering wheel. In addition, the rise handlebars able to dampen vibration especially when passing through the rocky terrain or off road.


It is the part that connects between the Handlebar and stems the steering the fork. Stem mountain bikes have a different length. For Type bike cross country and AM the experts recommend a stem with a length of 50 mm-130 mm. the stem of this size is capable of giving the body position rider variations in accordance with the kind of field for example when rider climbs more bend forward so the weight is shifted forward, or when a derivative body of bias in sliding backward but still able to keep handling the wheel well.

For bike downhill stem size is usually not more than 60 mm, to keep the body more upright position, so the rider can still easily and keep the stability of the bike despite the steep terrain of the derivative and turn at high speed.


The Fork is one of the mountain bike parts is important for bike handling. The Fork is the part that connects the handlebar and stems with the wheelset. At the beginning of a bicycle fork forms found only available type rigid, but in line with the growing needs of the bike for a wide variety of terrain. Then start the suspension fork with the developed system. Long travel to mountain bike fork varies according to the type of mountain bike.

Following a long travel to mountain bikes in accordance with the type:

  1. XC (cross country) length of travel: 80mm – 100 – 120 mm
  2. AM (All Mountain) Long travel: 120 mm – 140mm – to 160 mm
  3. Free Ride Long travel: 180 mm – 200 mm
  4. Down Hill Long travel: 180 mm – 200 mm

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