How To Clean A Mountain Bike Properly

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When you have a dirty mountain bike, it is so annoying. But, what you have to do is clean it. Even though it seems difficult, cleaning a mountain bike is pretty simple. Here, you don’t need to make your mountain bike look sparkling or shining. Besides, if you clean your mountain bike regularly, it can make your bike stand last longer, improve the performance, and even prevent the problems in the future. However, you may do not know How To Clean A Mountain Bike properly. You don’t need to be worried, here we are going to help you know the right ways to clean a mountain bike.

Prepare the tools

When you are going to do something, you must prepare the tools which are needed later. Here, you have to make sure that the area which you choose as the place for cleaning your mountain bike is good. After that, you have to prepare some tools like cleaning brush, chain scrubber, sponges, rags, two buckets, safe dishwashing liquid. For the buckets, you have to fill those with water which has warm temperature. If your buckets are already filled with the water, you have to put the dishwashing liquid as well.

Cleaning process

When you are cleaning your mountain bike, you must clean the mud, leaves, and other grime before washing your bike. Actually, this thing should be done after your cycling. Why? Because the dirt will affect the quality of the brake pads, shift, and drivetrains. After the dirt on your mountain bike is completely removed, the next process is washing your bike. Here, you need to place your mountain bike in the repair stand. If you do not have any repair stand, you need to stand your bike on something which can restrain your bike stays stand.

You will use the water which you have already prepared before. Here, you need to clean the drivetrain with the degreaser. You can also remove the wheels if you want to clean the areas which can’t be reached. You can use your sponges and rags to clean the dirt and the mud on your mountain bike. In addition, don’t scrub your mountain bike harshly, because it will damage the paint on the chassis.

For the chain and the rear cassette, you can use a brush to clean each part of it. After all of the parts of your mountain bike have been cleaned, the next thing of How To Clean A Mountain Bike is washing your bike. Here, you don’t need to use high pressure water because it is not safe for your mountain bike.


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