Cycling Health Benefits

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Cycling is one of the hobbies that are widely favored by the public, whether it’s just cycling around near homes, as well as cycling along with the bicycle community. Not even the few people who make use of the bike as means of transportation to work. There are also regular cycling to the Office (bike to work) at regular intervals for example 1 or 2 times a week. There are many cycling health benefits we can get.

Cycling Health Benefits Are:

  • Train and strengthen muscles

Cycling Health Benefits

When we are active cycling will train the muscles of the abdomen, leg muscles, and abdominal muscles. So that these muscles will be more active and ultimately will become increasingly strong and functioning efficiently.

  • Boost Immunity

By doing the sport of cycling can improve immune/viral diseases of various immunity because it helps the circulation of blood rich in oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Can also increase body immunity of cancer cells and tumors.

  • Strengthen Heart

The activity of cycling is great for strength and cardiovascular health bias reduces to 50% risk of heart especially heart disease exposed coroner.

  • Help lose weight

Pedaling a bicycle is very useful for losing weight between 50 – 70%. When the muscle is spurred in a long time, then the muscle fibers will break. Then later will form new fibers and the process involved the burning of calories.

  • Relieve Stress

Cycling Health Benefits_2

With cycling in the outdoors especially in the mountains can simultaneously relieve stress and other psychological issues. Because we can bike ride while enjoying the natural scenery and a breath of fresh air. Can also balance the hormones in the body.

It turned out that not a few of the cycling health benefits. For security and safety cycling, the cyclist should come quite in cycling such as using safety helmets, lights when cycling at night. Even a must use a complete gear when cycling on the line wanted to extreme besides her bike also must support. In addition, it is recommended not to cycling in areas that many motorists because it can be exposed to pollution and traffic crash-prone.

Thus some of the benefits of cycling may be beneficial for all of us.



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