The 5 Best Mountain Bike Brand You Can Have

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Do you really like cycling and exploring all kind of road and path? If you do, you need to have the best brand of mountain bike in the world. This article will break down some best mountain bike brand for your references. It will help you to consider the kind of mountain bike that will complete your desire.

Best Mountain Bike Brand

The first best brand is Rocky Mountain Bicycles. For you as a cyclist, you must know about this brand. It is the most popular brand of mountain bike in the world. There are many cycling athletes ride the mountain bike of Rocky Mountain Bicycles. This mountain bikes of this brand are designed for competition. One of the most popular variants of this brand is Sherpa.

best mountain bike brand

Another best mountain bike brand is Kona. If you ask cyclist they will say that Kona always produces strong and sturdy mountain bike. Kona has been produced mountain bike since 1988. The mountain bikes from this brand are known as the strongest mountain bike. the bikes are resilient even though you ride on rock and mud path. If you like off-road activity, the mountain bikes from Kona will be your best choice. Not only for mountain bike, they also release the racing bike.

Best brands mountain bike

The third best brand is Giant. This is one of the most popular mountain bike brand from Asia. The bikes that they produce are always able to compete with other best brand from Europe and United States. For your information, Giant is the biggest bike mountain company in the world. Even though the price of the bikes is expensive, the quality of the bike is also the best.

best mountain bike brand

Another best brand of mountain bike is Cube. Cube is the best brand in Germany. The company has produced the mountain bikes since 1993. Cube is not only popular in Europe but also in Asia. They are not only producing mountain bike, they also make other equipment for the rider such as shoes, helmet, bag, jersey, and gloves. One of the best series they produce is GTC SL. In Indonesia, it is cost IDR 27 Million.


One of the best mountain bike brands in United State is Trek. This brand is also popular in North America, Europe, and Asia. The mountain bikes from this brand are also known as resilient bikes. The bikes are not only strong but also give the comfortable for the cyclist.



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