If you are going to buy a mountain bike, this may be very helpful for you. Moreover, if this is gonna be your first mountain bike, you are in the […]

When you have a dirty mountain bike, it is so annoying. But, what you have to do is clean it. Even though it seems difficult, cleaning a mountain bike is […]

Are you a bicycler? If you are a bicycler who loves mountain bike, this may be very helpful for you. When you go mountain biking, there must be a thing […]

Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 will give us some inspirations in selecting the mountain bike which is affordable if we have a budget around 500 dollars. Of course, the budget is […]

For you who have a plan to buy mountain bike fork, you have to know about how to choose a mountain bike fork Choosing a Mountain Bike Fork As mentioned before, […]

Hi all, this time we will discuss one by one the mountain bike parts and function respectively, this is important especially for beginners who are new to mountain biking, bicycle part outline in the mountain is divided into several sections, namely: frames, Fork Suspension, Steering &, Brake set, Drivetrain and Wheel set. Mountain Bike Anatomy Mountain bike parts and functions Handlebar […]

After determining the kind and type of bike you want, the next step is to determine the mountain bike sizing. This is important because it determines the comfort in cycling […]

Mountain bike is one of the types of bicycles. The bike is divided into several types: Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Urban Bike/City Bike or bicycle in urban, BMX/Dirt Jump. This time we will discuss specifically type Mountain Bikes. Before discussing one by one of the above variants, it need […]

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